Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mom, don't read this ;)

when i heard that was giving away a FREE $300 shopping spree i, of course, was super interested ;) they have an amazing selection on their website (a site that i've definitely browsed previously lol) and what girl isn't always in need of something of the adult variety? so i took the time to compile a little wishlist of things that i would buy if i won the shopping spree... i had a lot of fun shopping!!

1. Denim Bustier And G-String Black/Blue

LOVE LOVE LOVE bustiers of any kind. being a small chested girl, anything that cinches my waist and creates the illusion of bigger boobs is always wonderful in my book. and that little pink bow is just so pretty and girly. i'm all about being as girly as possible at all times!! and can't go wrong for $36.

2. Rechargeable Rabbit 7X Pink

hmmm what kind of description can i really put here?? (especially considering i'm sure my mom didn't heed my warning and is probably reading----HI MOM!!!). but to sum up: pink+waterproof+rechargeable=perfection. and on sale!!! $95 WOW.

3. Body Action Ultra Light Liquid Lube - 8.5 oz times 3!!!

hey, when you're doing a free shopping spree, might as well stock up, huh?? and lube is something that you always need!!! so i'd hook myself up with 3 of these babies so i'm good to go for a loooooong time. and less than $12 each!!!

4. Kama Sutra - Treasures of the Sea


I've been using this stuff for years, ever since discovering it at a sex toy party at a friend's house. i even got my mom hooked on it. it smells sooooo yummy, softens my skin like no other, and it's pretty enough to proudly display in the boudoir as a piece of decoration. using this in the tub instantly relaxes me... and although i am hard pressed to find the time to take 'relaxing baths', i think i could somehow find the time in my schedule to do so wayyyy more often if i had some of this on hand ;) i think i might even trade 30 mins of sleep for 30 mins in the tub with this stuff... and every mom knows that giving up sleep for ANY reason is simply unheard of. it's just THAT GOOD. $20 is a steal for this stuff!! and it leads me to my next wish....

5. Bathing Gel Ocean Blu

bath/shower gel with the same yummy scent as the bath salts!! so even in a pinch i can get the same relaxing vibe in the shower as opposed to in the tub. but, seriously?? only $13?!?! but wait! there's more!

6. Spa Pleasures

might as well clean them out of EVERYTHING in the ocean blu scent... it even comes with a little votive candle. say it with me 'ohhhhhhhhhmmmm'. might make a good gift for a certain mother of mine... don't tell her it only cost $25 ;)

7. Climax Rabbits Cottontail Kit Lavender

i'm gonna just go ahead and put the description from the website on here because it speaks for itself:

The Climax Rabbits Cottontail Kit has everything you need to satisfy your lusty desires - again and again and again! This dynamic set of four sex toys has all the textural sensations and vibrating power you could ever want, packed into travel sie toys that can be stashed almost anywhere! Included in the kit is a one-speed pocket rocket with a soft bunny sleeve, a multi-speed keychain bunny bullet vibe, a vibrating bunny cockring that can be used on a sex toy or a male partner, and a three speed bunny bullet with a jackpin plug. The kit even comes with a 1 o bottle of water-based lubricant to keep things sexy and slick. Color: Purple Type: Vibrator Kit Material: Phthalate-Free Jelly Kit Includes: Keychain Bullet, Vibrating Cockring, Pocket Rocket, Bunny Sleeve, Bunny Bullet, Lubricant.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ONLY $46 and come change for ALL THAT???

8. After Sex Towel

it's just good sense to have a towel solely for this purpose!! always be prepared ;)

9. Beginner's Tickle Your Fancy Kit

just for funsies! might as well cover all my bases and give it a try!! you never know til you try, right???

well, that will conclude my fantasy $300 shopping spree wishlist. i had a ton of fun shopping! what would you get if you won???


Anonymous said...

I SO love that you told Mom not to read it..Mom, did you read this??


Babes Mami said...

Hey! I saw you followed my blog which is AWESOME! I just wanted to comment and let you know I moved to so 'unfollow' me on blogger and refollow me there if you want! Us sex toy lovers gotta stick together!