Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Won a Bloggy!

Where Moms Who Blog Go!

I love awards! Probably because I never won any when I was younger (nobody gave out awards for making your parents crazy.... bummer). I so appreciate any type of positive recognition in any area. And it's extra flattering that such awesome ladies are the ones giving me awards, because I can only hope to someday be as awesome as they are in the blogging department!

~ Acknowledge and link to the blogger who presented you with the award.
~ Give the award at least 3 of your favorite mom bloggers, or 5 if you really can’t narrow it down!

Thank you to Erica from bassgiraffe's Thoughts for giving me this lovely award! She is such a sweetheart and was super helpful to me when Google decided to take my blog away earlier this week... She even restarted a giveaway because she knew that my entries (as well as a few others) were deleted along with the blogs. Talk about fairness!! She is awesome because she loves giraffe's as much as (actually probably way more than) I do. And she always has some cool giveaways going on... If you're not already following her, you should start now. Because I'm telling you she is great (she gave me this award didn't she?!? Yep.... she's totally awesome!).

Now I'd like to pass this award onto a few other fabulous bloggers:

*bassgiraffe's Thoughts: Yep, I'm handing this back to you. You're a sweetheart and you like me, you really like me!! Therefore, I love you!

*Chubby Cheeks Thinks...: Kim was another of the unfortunate bloggers affected by the awful "Blog Deletion 2010". I think I felt worse for her than I did for myself because her blog is wayyy more fancy than mine, has way more followers than mine, and has way more stuff going on in general. So I think her "loss" was worse than mine, hands down. But I was glad to have someone who knew what I was going thru that I could interact with. She made me feel a lot better about what had happened. Plus her blog is just super cute and she always has awesome giveaways. I also think she is my lucky charm, because I have a gift for winning when it comes to her giveaways! ;-)

*Little Yaya's: Cindi is just amazingly sweet & adorable. I'm not even sure what to say beyond that. To me, she seems like one of those popular girls from high school that you expect to be SO snobby (because they're so cute & so good at everything they do), but then they actually turn out to be the nicest girl in school. It's just refreshing to have someone so pretty be so nice. That is a hard combination to find, trust me.

So there you go! I received an award, and handed 3 out. I'm sorry to anyone I overlooked. It's hard to think in a house as loud as mine, sometimes :-)


Erica K said...

you are such a sweetheart and you really do inspire me. <3 Thank you.

crisc23 said...

Congrats Awards are always fun=)

Kim said...

Awww!!! Thank you!!! It was kind of relieving to know that we got to go through this crap together! LEt's hope we don't ever have to again though! LOL

I'm gonna get mine posted on saturday! I'm super excited!

Kel said...