Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things Thursday

This is a simple enough post to join in on... Even for someone who has been run ragged by a bully of an almost 3 year old and a clingy tagalong of a 14 month old (i mean those terms in the nicest of ways, btw.) so here goes...

What are three things you splurge on?

1. caffeine... of any kind. my faves are medium sugar free vanilla iced coffees from mcdonalds. or a cinnamon iced coffee from DD. sometimes a mocha iced coffee from 7/11. and sugar free red bulls! one (or two) of them per day is definitely a major splurge!!

2. vitamins... my must haves include Max Stress B, Quantum Greens Mix, and good ol' Emergen-c. anything that supports healthy brain funtion, energy, and mental health using all natural ingredients is a necessity for me! i might as well lump my protein shakes in with this category. gotta have them to survive!

3. flip flops... yeah, admittedly not the most fun or exciting splurge out there, but it makes me happy to know that no matter what i'm wearing, i have a pair of flip flops that perfectly match my outfit. and since i basically live in my flip flops, of course i have to buy at least 2 pairs of each color at a time. unless we are talking about white flip flops, then i always buy 4 :-)


Jes said...

Thanks for the follow! I agree totally with your splurge items.. some items are worth being splurged on...