Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dearest Love Comma Ashlee, Thank You, Love Comma Cameron

Last week I was super excited when I found out that I won my friend Ashlee's (from Love Comma Ashlee) very first giveaway!! And even more excited that the giveaway was for something that both of my kids could enjoy... A Sleepy Bear from Sleepy Wrap! The cute little guy (girl?) arrived today, just in time to cheer Cameron up when he was sick. Thanks Ashlee, Sleepy Wrap & the UPS man!! Here's a few pics of him playing with the Sleepy Bear (FYI, he calls the big bear "Mama Bear" OR "Lindsey" hahaha and the little bear is simply "Baby Bear").

Poor little sicky relaxing with his new buddies:

Lining them up so nicely (his sheepie is trying to blend in with the bears):


And kisses (possibly performing CPR? who knows....):

And having a little chat with his pals (and notice his boo boo from a freak frisbee incident earlier this week, hehe):

Thanks again, Ashlee. Now Cameron and Aiden can be Sleepy Bear Buddies!!


Erica K said...

awww how sweet. get better soon.