Sunday, May 30, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!!

I don't typically blog about giveaways... but maybe i will start! this one is something i'm super super excited about!

The lovely, witty and adorable Jana over at Boobies, Babies, & A Blog is hosting a giveaway for Bikini Kitchen Booty Butter! i'll be honest and say that i have never heard of this... but the name definitely caught my attention. reading thru her review, i quickly discovered that this product is WHAT I NEED. (notice i didn't say *want*... yes i NEED it!!). ever since i was 15 i've been all about being tan. i just feel like i look better, and as a result, feel better when i am tan. i worked at a couple tanning salons over the years as second jobs (back when i still had a first job, lol). and to be totally frank, i never cared if i made money there (the minimum wage definitely wasn't paying my rent!!) i basically just worked there to tan for free!! so getting paid to clean a few beds, talk to a few customers, etc was no big thing when i was saving money on what i'd be spending tanning, plus i made a few extra bucks. but i digress.... point is: I LOVE TO BE TAN.

recently, after about a year hiatus from tanning, i decided to sign up at the local salon and start tanning again. but $80 in "sunpoints" and $50 in lotion later... i come to find out that for some unknown reason, out of nowhere, i break out in hives from the tanning bed now. it was super fun, lol. i tried everything to make tanning work. i thought maybe the bed or the bed cleaner was what was making me break out, so i started doing stand-ups. that didn't work. i switched lotion, that didn't work. the hives would last about 12 hours or so and fade, but they itched like crazy and kept me up at night. blah. finally, on my 3rd try, after sitting topless at home on a saturday night with frozen peas on my chest to reduce to swelling, i decided i am done with tanning beds. i'm still not sure exactly what went wrong there... but i'm not trying to test it and end up with the hives again!! coming to terms with not being able to tan anymore was seriously kinda rough on me. because i have used tanning as a short little escape from my crazy homelife for about 10 years or more. so having to give that up felt very weird and made me a little sad.

i decided to use all my leftover sunpoints for spray tans and that's what i've been doing since. it works out fine for me, i get good, natural looking results, and it lasts a decent amount of time. but it would be easier for me if i could just go outside and tan. that wouldn't require driving anywhere, i could play outside with my kids, there's just so many pros to being able to just go outside and get a tan....

so when i read thru J's Bikini Kitchen Booty Butter review, i was stoked! i can put this lotion on, go outside, and get an awesome tan. simple. and fast!! plus you can wear it over top of an SPF lotion, which is great! i do love tanning, but i do not think i will love looking super old when i'm like 35, lol (this thought helped me when i first decided to quit tanning lol). so the fact that you can layer it with a sunblock is definitely a huge huge positive. and the 3rd (possibly most important Pro) is the fact that it is also a bug repellant!!! we get awful mosquitos in this area, and lucky lucky me ALWAYS swells up when i get bit :( i hate bug repellants because they stink, they are sticky, i don't necessarily like the idea of putting nasty poisonous chemicals on my body, and more often than not the stuff doesn't work to repell any bugs anyway!! and speaking of nasty poisonous chemicals, did i happen to mention that this stuff is made out of natural ingredients? because it is!! and i don't think i need to even mention the fact that 1 tube of lotion vs. buying tanning sessions in a salon doesn't even come close to comparing in price!!

so, i went ahead and entered in her giveaway... but knowing how popular the BB&A Blog giveaways are, i also went ahead and already ordered my own booty butter. and now i'm just waiting on the mailman to bring it to me! seriously i feel like i discovered a hidden treasure here.

you can enter this giveaway, as well as many other amazing giveaways on her blog, right HERE.


natalee said...

im a tanaholic too.. thanks for the info !!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about it! I've used it about 4 times now and have an amazing start to my tan...It's my new fave lotion for sure!

lindseyloo said...

i'm seriously way too excited about this stuff LOL

Anonymous said...

PS--You have an award!