Sunday, May 9, 2010


just wanna recap my workouts of the past 2 days:

volume 2 dvd (the grind, smoker, finisher & bonus abs) 55mins approx.
415 swings (hand to hand, 2 handed, overhead) using 20lb

volume 1 12min fat blast 2x using 12kg
volume 2 bonus abs (13 mins)
415 swings using 20lb

also i just ordered the gymboss interval timer from lauren's website. can't wait to get that. hopefully i can start making my own workouts and not rely so much on the dvds (tho i do love them lol).

today i completed my 10,000 swing in 30 day challenge! i'll have to tally up all my swings, if i added correctly it should be a little over 10k. i plan to restart the 30 days tomorrow using my heavier bell. looking forward to that because i know it's gonna really challenge me!


Bekah said...

im jealous you are making up your own routines LOL you are def SMOKING