Saturday, May 15, 2010

back to basics (sorta...)

Yesterday I decided to go back to my ultimate body sculpt and conditioning with kettlebells volume 1 dvd. I wanted to try to get thru the entire thing using my 12kg bell... And it was a big old FAIL. Lol I had to switch to 20lb for the last 2min section :( but hey I made it pretty far without it! I'm still proud. I also wanted to refresh my memory on the dvd itself since I have lots of friends who are either interested in purchasing one, or they already did and I wanted to be able to talk about it with authority (although at this point I could prob do the workout in my sleep without the dvd playing, but I digress haha). In a lot of ways I find volume 1 to be more challenging than volume 2. There are way more swings and the intesity stays pretty high throughout. But of course "the smoker" with "the finisher" in volume 2 is a challenge to me.

Wanna say more but I'm on my BB right now and it takes so long to get my thoughts out when typing on here :( I think tomorrow if I get a chance I will write out a full review of both dvds.

Oh yeah! Also did my 350 with the 12kg using the gymboss yesterday. WOAH.