Thursday, May 20, 2010

Desperately Seeking...

a new belly ring!!

i was removing my jewelry prior to my weekly spray tan this afternoon when it hit me--- my belly button ring is superrrrr ugly & plain. after all the hard work i've been doing on my tummy lately, i feel like it deserves better!! right now i have the leftovers of a maternity belly ring i used when i was prego with aubrie. well, the balls anyway. the barbell itself is metal. however, after aubrie was born i could not for the life of me locate the cute purple flowery belly ring i used to rock :( so i had to improvise with an extra barbell i had laying around (who knows how i accumate this random stuff) and 2 balls that came with a maternity belly ring set i bought. but i digress...

i need to find a new belly ring. that is my mission. however, when buying items such as jewelry, clothing and the like, i try to support my fellow mommies by purchasing from their online stores. i know raising kids ain't cheap ;-) so i like to do my part in helping to feed/diaper/clothe/shelter a sweet little baby somewhere out there (at least this is what i tell myself to justify spending $$$$$ hahaha).

so here i am, open to suggestions. i *know* someone out there must fit the bill. any ideas???



Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sorry don't know anything about belly rings but you have a cute blog! Thanks!