Sunday, May 16, 2010

pretty in pink

so, being the ridiculously over the top girly girl that i tend to sometimes be, i decided to paint my kettlebell pink! why not, right?? it wasn't nearly as difficult as i anticipated. i think it turned out very pretty :)

here is the "before" pic:

after sanding the finish and black paint off of it, we primed it:

then the first coat of PINK (we did 2 coats):

and lastly, the clear coat:

it's still out there drying right now, but i'd say my little project was a success!!!


naturallyfit5 said...

oooh I love it!

HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

that's awesome, I love it!

Bekah said...

ok did the bell you started w/have the like "rubber" on the bottom??

Bekah said...

by bottom i mean under the horn?

lindseyloo said...

Nope it was all iron

lindseyloo said...

My other 2 do tho... 15 and 20.