Monday, May 17, 2010

a new adventure... :)

well i have made a pretty bold decision... i'm going to train to become a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor!! i haven't found many careers in life that interest me or that I feel I could really do *well*. teaching kettlebells is something i truly believe i can do, and do very very well. it's going to be a long road to my goal, but i am ready to commit to the attempt. i have been reading up on the subject, and although the Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification course seems very physically AND mentally challenging, i KNOW i'm up for it.

kettlebells have only been a part of my life a short time, but i have advanced quickly and i don't think anyone could dispute my dedication. i have inspired several people already, and i think given the opportunity, i could do so on a much larger scale. not only that, there are really not many instructors in my area so i think that could only work in my favor.

it's no secret that Lauren Brooks is my role model. she has inspired me so much. i hope to one day have other people hold me in the same high regard.

so i'm going to set small goals to lead me to my final goal. right now, i'm going to work on my snatching technique, as well as my stamina. i'm going to perfect my form on the basic moves. and i'm going to made a concerted effort to stick with my 12kg bell as often as possible (i will listen to my body of course and not overdo it). So basically for now i'm going to keep doing what i'm doing, but take it up a notch. i just know i need more "experience" than i have right now.

if anyone is interested in learning about the RKC, the link is:

**edited to add**
saturday i did volume 2 and my swingy swings using the 12kg.
sunday i sat out my regular workout and just did my 350 swings (used the 20lb because my 12kg was still drying.)
and today i did volume 2 straight thru (used the 12kg ((even for the tgu's)) except for the high pulls but ONLY because i was insanely sweaty and i was afraid i'd lose my grip on the bell and send it flying!!) and then of course my 350 using the 12kg and gymboss :D
.......tomorrow i think i'm gonna hit up the volume 1 dvd again and work on the basics!


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natalee said...

im now researching soo following you now!!!!!

lindseyloo said...

if you ever have any questions, just ask!!

TJsMommy said...

lindsey...after this last baby is born, will you be my trainer?! :)