Monday, May 10, 2010

starting again!

since yesterday was the end of my 10k swing in 30 day challenge, i decided to go ahead and start again. i really enjoyed the extra workout and also it helped to have a goal that i could work towards. so today was the first day of my new challenge. i'm using my 12kg bell and i did 340 swings. last month i skipped 2 days (not consecutive) because i was either sick or hungover LOL and i had to do extra to make up for those. and that sucked. so i'm trying really hard to stay ahead this time so i don't have to kill myself with 100+ extra swings each day.

and UGH my new bell. i love it, it's perfect and just what i wanted BUT i have baby hands apparently and the handle is THICK. its hard for me to get a good grip on it when i'm doing hand to hand swings. so i'm gonna need to get creative to fix it. i figure one of my guys can figure something out, they're pretty handy and that's why i keep em around ;-) and i need to work on my presses, especially on my left side. i don't forsee that being an issue in a few days or so, i pushed thru with the 20lb when i first got it and i know i can do it with the 12kg too.

also started tracking my food/exercise on so far i've found it pretty helpful!!

oooooh and cameron has poison ivy on his FACE. so that is fun for everyone. booooooo.

today's workout:
*volume 1 dvd (40 mins) mostly used the 12kg, but also used the 20lb.
*340 swings
*maybe something else later?


Bekah said...

poor cam!! i feel bad for him!
I saw on the Dragon door or whatever site they make a "womans" 12KG! Its got a slimmer handle ect.. umm its like 75bks tho!!! INSANE! plus shipping *crazy* i wouldn't pay that much i would deal with my girly hands LOL 15lbs is so easy for me to do presses with im excited to get the 20!

Lindsey said...

really???? i'm gonna check that out.