Friday, May 7, 2010

it's a start.

so i figured since everyone else in the world is blogging, i'm kinda the minority now. god knows i have enough opinions and thoughts about everything so here i go... if nothing else, i suppose this will serve as a great way to keep track of my workouts and progress. and if i can inspire someone to better themselves, then great.

as most people know, I have been training using kettlebells for the past 3 months or so. i like to think i've progressed pretty fast. i started with a little 8lb weight and worked up to a 15lb within weeks, then moved to the 20lb literally a week later. right now i'm impatiently awaiting delivery of my brand new 12kg kettlebell (i feel fancy using kilograms instead of pounds lol). i hope it will challenge me for a decent amount of time because i'm not sure i can continue to buy these weights on a semiweekly basis much longer.

and another thing most people know, i have been using the ultimate body sculpt and conditioning with kettlebells (by lauren brooks, love her) volumes 1 and 2. I can't say enough good things about her programs. i feel like a broken record a lot of the time ;) but it truly is the best thing i have ever done for my body. i know lots of people think i'm silly or annoying for talking about it so much, but oh well. my workouts and my kids are the only things that get me thru the days lately. maybe someday i'll touch upon my personal issues that i have thus far decided not to publicize. but for now i'm going to keep things kinda private. depending on whether or not i have any actual interest in any of my past, i may or may not share certain things. i like to think that i have had a lot of life experiences and could maybe teach someone something, or help someone somewhere. maybe one day i will write a book. haha.

ANYWAY.... my oldest hellion is demanding some attention right now so i'm going to wrap this up with a summary of my workout today... mainly just for my own purposes, but its possible someone might be interested, lol.

*ultimate body sculpt & conditioning with kettlebells vol. 2 (the grind, the smoker, the finisher & bonus killer abs)... about 55 minutes.
*day 28 of my 10,000 swings in 30 day challenge (415 swings)
*and Lauren Brooks Quick Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout (via youtube) 4x thru.


Bekah said...

You are doing awesome! i lov the idea of a blog bc it 1) keeps you accountable and 2) you can review what good days and bad days are within your exercising.. all the other stuff is just bonus!