Thursday, May 13, 2010

a whole lot of the same.

well this week has been pretty uneventful, workout wise. so far every day i have done volume 2 in its entirety as well as my 350 swings using my 12kg bell for the 10k swing in 30 day challenge.

today i used my 12kg bell for all of volume 2 (with the exception of the TGU's)... wasn't nearly as hard as i expected. i even used it throughout the finisher and made myself proud :)

i got my gymboss interval timer yesterday and used it today for my swings. i did as many swings as i could for 1 minute, rested 30 seconds, then did more swings for a minute, another 30 second rest, and etc. it almost killed my forearms lol but i finished in record time!!

also, found a kettlebell class in parkville that meets every monday at 6:30pm (weather permitting). i'm thinking I can meet steven there with the kids, he can play with them on the playground and I can do the class. I'm really looking forward to that. i need to be around people lol and switch up my workouts a little. i'm hoping it goes well this monday so i can make it a weekly thing.

**edit** today i also did the 12min fat blast on volume 1 twice thru.